2009 Trends for Interiors

2009 Color Trends

Inspired by tones to create a retreat from the stresses outside your home, color trends for 2009 are soothing and reflective of calm natural tones. Base colors create a casual attitude and neutral canvas for bright pops of color with a combination of warm and cool grays reflecting the purpose of the space. Neutrals range in vegetative and mineral shades found in nature like olive green, khaki, and bright pale blue. Contrast these with warm brown and golden leathers and woods in shades of camel, rust, and walnut to create a sense of warmth and coziness. Also, don’t be scared to brighten your home by using a play of light and dark with the use of silky pastels with vivid shades. Lavender and Yellow are your go to accent colors for the year.

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How to Create a Practical and Luxurious Town Home Kitchen

Our recent client was in the dilemma of moving into her townhome which she had purchased decades ago before being sent overseas for work assignments. She decided to rent the home and it experienced some normal neglect. Now that she has been relocated back in DC, the homeowner wanted to make a new home in her charming Queen Anne townhouse and started by remodeling the kitchen.

The home owners set out specific design parameters for upgrading the old 1970s kitchen:
• Open the kitchen to the adjacent dining room for informal living
• Take advantage of the sunny garden views
• Include a breakfast bar in the new design
• Provide ample storage
• Create a place for a laptop
• Maximize every bit of space

Meeting these goals required that the wall between the kitchen and the dining room to be opened and trimmed with molding to match the 1880s style home. At the kitchen's rear wall a larger opening was cut for new French doors with transom, which opened sight lines from front-to-back in the house, and the large glass area captures morning sunlight for a happy kitchen environment.

The new kitchen space was narrow; it measured only 11'-4" wide x 14' long. Careful design maximized the space and accommodates a long center island with a breakfast bar. The island is highlighted with three hand-blown glass pendants that lead the eye to the garden view. At the side of the island is a wall of tall 12” deep storage cabinets with central cubbies and a stone counter for a laptop. The opposite wall is fitted to be the true work area - cabinets, sink, and appliances. The tile backsplash is given aesthetic prominence with a grid of limestone and frosted glass mosaic.

A custom coffered beam ceiling unifies the design by reinforcing the kitchen's plan layout. The rectangular shape, mirroring the island, gives direction to the space, and accentuates the garden view.

Spaces flow front-to-back, with the kitchen acting as a visual link to the garden. Although a small-scale town house the design makes it feel spacious. The new kitchen was carefully planned with upscale detailing, that gives the home a sense of understated practical luxury.

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