Doing More with Less: A Townhouse Kitchen Remodel

Space Sacrificed:
An Unused Porch Before
 A tiny and dark galley kitchen in an urban townhouse usually equals a variety of daily frustrations: cramped cooking space, difficulty entertaining guests while slicing and dicing, and the cliched, yet extremely common too-many-cooks-in-the-kitchen issue, among many others. Often the only solution is a smart and carefully executed remodel. That's where Wentworth came in.

Space Gained: Sunny
Kitchen Addition After
When a couple downsized from a suburban home to a 1920s historic townhouse, the tiny kitchen had to fit their lifestyle. Working within the confines of a small space has its limitations, but our clients were willing to sacrifice their back porch for additional kitchen space. This sacrifice paid off: a sunny breakfast nook with a view of the garden now sits where the porch used to be. The space is cozy, warm (thanks in large part to the kitchen's energy-efficient radiant heated floors) and sure to be enjoyed year round.

Let the Sun Shine:
The Finished Kitchen

Innovative design features maximize space elsewhere in the kitchen - from cabinets with roll-out shelving to turning unused space under a stair into a pantry. These features and the resulting open-plan kitchen fit the client's informal lifestyle, proving that you never have to sacrifice style for function or space. For more on this project, visit the Hill Rag's January Home & Gardens Feature, Making the Most of Townhouse Kitchen.


The Stroke of a Feather: How Inspiration Meets Design for Wentworth’s Interior Designer Christopher Patrick, ASID

Christopher Patrick, ASID
Wentworth, Inc.’s interior designer, Christopher Patrick, ASID, knew from an early age he’d be painting clients’ rooms in bright and bold colors with successful results. At the age of 10, when most parents are fretting about dirty handprints on walls and muddy footprints on freshly cleaned rugs, his parents already trusted him to paint his bedroom. It wasn’t long before he’d moved onto bigger, more important rooms.
Fortunately for Wentworth, Inc.'s clients, Christopher is involved in more than just paint choices. Because Wentworth, Inc. is uniquely able to offer architecture, interiors, and construction under one roof, Christopher’s aesthetic as a designer, which he defines as clean and streamlined, informs all aspects of a client’s home remodel.

The Stroke of a Feather
Christopher says his design sense, a mix of the old and new, is often inspired by nature. A recent remodel of a client’s study/home office was transformed with the stroke of a peacock feather. Actually, says Christopher, the peacock feather was more of an inspiration, a way to convince a client who wasn’t afraid of color to paint her new study/home office bright teal and an adjacent bedroom pale olive. “This certainly wasn’t your traditional color pairing, but I convinced her through a series of images showing how pale green and teal make an excellent, albeit nontraditional, color combination.”
Christopher has a knack for working with Wentworth clients to make sure their vision is carried out, while simultaneously guiding them through the many nitty-gritty product and finish choices that come with a remodel. Even though clients often come to Christopher with an idea – pictures, samples, advertisements – of what they’d like their room to look like, Christopher works with them to find their way through a world of endless options.
Looking a Little Green
As an interior designer, it’s Christopher’s job to keep abreast of the trends, from the newest in green innovations to the hottest paint colors. A recent kitchen remodel offered just the opportunity to utilize the latest green building products, and Christopher was more than happy to help the client navigate through the growing pool of eco-friendly building products. When the client decided on an Oceanside Glass backsplash comprised of a combination of pre-consumer, post-industrial, and post-consumer recycled material, Christopher suggested they also consider using Icestone for their island countertop. Made of recycled glass and concrete, Icestone is as beautiful as it is eco-friendly. Although the client was originally concerned with the durability and cost of a green product, Christopher knew it was the right choice. And it was. The client was thrilled with the finished look.
And that, Christopher says, is what it’s all about at Wentworth: “A client will usually tell you what they want, the givens - bed in the bedroom and table in the dining room - but how we style it and bring it all together, it’s a collaboration between us and the client. We take a vision and make it happen.”