Doing More with Less: A Townhouse Kitchen Remodel

Space Sacrificed:
An Unused Porch Before
 A tiny and dark galley kitchen in an urban townhouse usually equals a variety of daily frustrations: cramped cooking space, difficulty entertaining guests while slicing and dicing, and the cliched, yet extremely common too-many-cooks-in-the-kitchen issue, among many others. Often the only solution is a smart and carefully executed remodel. That's where Wentworth came in.

Space Gained: Sunny
Kitchen Addition After
When a couple downsized from a suburban home to a 1920s historic townhouse, the tiny kitchen had to fit their lifestyle. Working within the confines of a small space has its limitations, but our clients were willing to sacrifice their back porch for additional kitchen space. This sacrifice paid off: a sunny breakfast nook with a view of the garden now sits where the porch used to be. The space is cozy, warm (thanks in large part to the kitchen's energy-efficient radiant heated floors) and sure to be enjoyed year round.

Let the Sun Shine:
The Finished Kitchen

Innovative design features maximize space elsewhere in the kitchen - from cabinets with roll-out shelving to turning unused space under a stair into a pantry. These features and the resulting open-plan kitchen fit the client's informal lifestyle, proving that you never have to sacrifice style for function or space. For more on this project, visit the Hill Rag's January Home & Gardens Feature, Making the Most of Townhouse Kitchen.

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