Preservation Cafe Comes to Cleveland Park

The Cleveland Park Historical Society (CPHS) kicked off their first-ever Preservation Café symposium at the Ardeo restaurant on the evening of April 28, 2009. www.clevelandparkdc.org

Architect, Bruce Wentworth, AIA, was the invited guest speaker at the event which hosted 52 CPHS members. The event focused on several of the residential architectural styles found in the Cleveland Park Historic District. The architectural styles chosen for discussion were: Colonial Revival 1880-1955, Queen Anne 1880-1910, Tudor 1890-1940, Bungalow 1905-1930, Art Deco 1925-1940, and Shingle Style 1880-1900. Each of the styles was illustrated with photos of houses from Cleveland Park photographed by the architect.

An Italianate Style home (circa 1872) was illustrated as the first house restored by Mr. Wentworth more than 25 years ago. Photos represented numerous architectural details; window & door hoods, clapboard, and other architectural details, restored. Mr. Wentworth recently put his survey of residential architectural styles in the DC metro area on line at www.AskTheArchitect.org allowing a wider community to research and identify their own homes period and style.

The evening’s presentation was followed by a Question and Answer period during which time Mr. Wentworth addressed questions from CPHS members about their own historic homes.

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