EPA Sets Lead Paint Safety Requirements For Contractors

Wentworth, Inc. is now an EPA certified renovator to lead safety for renovation, repair and painting (RRP).

Bruce Wentworth, President and Steven Barnard, Production Manager, have both taken the 8 hour, 8 module course offered by The Training Network and accredited by EPA/HUD. Certification is good for five years at which time a refresher course shall be taken. EPA requirements became effective April, 22, 2010.

Lead paint in the United States was banned in 1978 and homes built prior to that typically used lead paint. Alterations to homes with lead paint are to be handled in approved ways primarily for the safety of children under the age of 6 and pregnant women.

The hazard areas are often: a. peeling and flaking lead paint, b. friction surfaces such as the bottom of a sash window, c. impact surfaces like treads, risers, jambs, and doors. Prior to commencing remodeling the home shall be tested for lead paint by a certified renovator. If lead paint is found in the area to be remodeled there are standard practices for dealing with the removal of materials, and dust with lead paint. To learn more about lead paint issues in your home read the EPA guide called “Renovate Right” available at www.EPA.gov/lead
Bruce Wentworth, AIACertificate Number R-I-18343-10-00591

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Lead Safety said...

EPA requires individuals conducting lead-based paint activities (abatement, inspection, and risk assessment) in target housing and child-occupied facilities to be trained and certified. The trainers are accredited to ensure quality, and certified individuals must follow specific work practices.