Prioritizing Your Home Remodeling Projects

By Bruce Wentworth, AIA

Homeowners are budget conscious when making home remodeling decisions. Wentworth can help you make these often difficult or confusing decisions at an in-home consultation, where priorities, design concepts, and construction issues can be clarified. Budget-minded simply means allocating financial resources in the best possible way. Excellent design solutions, coupled with quality craftsmanship and materials, are still a smart long-term home investment.

A well-located Washington area home remains a solid investment. After three decades in business, I can offer these tips to improve home value.

1. Kitchens: Kitchens more than 25 years old are functionally obsolete and aesthetically outdated. A well-designed kitchen enhances home value and improves family life.

2. Bathrooms: A well-designed master bath is an excellent investment, although cosmetically upgrading older baths will also improve home value.

3. Facades: If your home lacks curb appeal, exterior fa├žade enhancements will add value. A new front door, windows, a front porch, or other architectural embellishments, all sensitive to your home’s architectural style, can be considered.

Thoughtful design analysis of your home makes appropriate, cost-effective remodeling decisions a reality. Call for a consultation today 240-395-0705 x 100.

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